5.0 Megapixel Mini HD Digital Camera

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5.0 Megapixel Mini HD Digital Camera

It fits (literally) in the palm of your hands!

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This small digital camera may be small in size, but it does everything else in a big big, and I mean B-I-G, way.

How big, you ask? Well, 2560x1920 pixel big of course! This tiny digital camera captures high resolution photos effortlessly and saves it into your Micro-SD card -- which, by the way, it supports in memory sizes up to 32GB!

It can record videos too! It'll record your precious moments at a 1280x960 video resolution, all in glorious 30 frames-per-second. To give you an idea, all the movies or TV shows you've watched (and will ever watch) since you were born? They're shown at 24 frames-per-second.

This mini gadget is rechargeable (but of course!), and can also be used as a webcam for your PC! I'm not kidding, it's that awesome.

So if you're tired of having to pull out your phone every time you need to capture special moments in your life, and don't want something bulky like those oh-so-big digital cameras, this is the gadget to get!


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